Explore just some of the uses of the Versatile Fast Freddy Winder:

Layflat Hose Winding

The Fast Freddy is an excellent solution for reeling up Layflat hose.
Suitable for both plain hose and hose assemblies.

The detent arms collapse to allow for the positioning of the assembly couplings making light work of the coiling process.

Hire Industry Application

The ability to position the Fast Freddy Winder throughout the workshop or yard has made it a very valuable mobile tool for the hire industry.

Having the facility to quickly tidy up cables, straps and hoses throughout the jobsite helping prevent trip hazards and maintaining a neater stock ready for the next use.

Fire Industry

The Fast Freddy Winder helps reduce the risk of back injuries and fatigue as the operator always maintains an upright posture to quickly wind up fire hose assemblies after use.

The roller guide also aids purging water from the hose during the winding process. Another key application benefit is that the Fast Freddy is designed for one-man operation.

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